How to read the Bible for All It’s Worth.

Biblia. Yes, that’s the Tweet!!! I copy that from the tweetizens who must emphasize when their tweet is short to manage expectations of followers who may anticipate a follow up tweet.  Biblia is plural in Greek for The Bible, a book that is dear to so many Christians and yet also misinterpreted by a good … Continue reading How to read the Bible for All It’s Worth.

Every child deserves a mother!

Dear Family, friends, blossoming buddies, social media friends, colleagues, classmates, course mates: I bring to you a hard fact in the hope that you will join a noble cause. Every day at Kawempe National Referral hospital in Kampala City in Uganda, an average of 100 babies join our population. Several women arrive at the hospital … Continue reading Every child deserves a mother!


They made us feel that ours was a problematic continent and many still believe that. They painted pictures of hunger, strife, illiteracy, sufferingThey made us believe our ancestors needed saviours from another part of the world, that our leaders back then had only a title. Now thanks to Social Media, we have a Full view … Continue reading Africa!

Pick up a “rubber band” this year.

Source: https://office-ink.ontimesupplies.com/resources/decoding-rubber-band-sizes/ Dear Reader, Happy 2021. My prayer is that this this year is your best year ever. Around 22nd December 2020, my phone “died”. It could not be charged or pick up any power. Anyone who has had the same experience as me will attest to this level being a point of no return … Continue reading Pick up a “rubber band” this year.